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1 - All our second hand phones comes with 3 month  standard warranty (not included accidental, liquid, screen damaged or cracked ,or drop).

3 - If the phone bought from us, and fail to function in the correct way within first 3 month we will repair it for free of charge.


4 - If we are not able to repair it,then we will ex change it for another phone of the same value and condition.

5 - We are not responsible for (wap ,mms, or internet setting).

6 - External ,cosmetic, accidental damage are not under warranty.

7 - No refunds available on accessories, we them exchange only.

8 - All our repairs we do comes with 3 month warranty for any technical that related to the repair we carried out(not included accidental ,liquid,screen damaged or cracked, or drop).

9 - If you would like to sell your phone,you need to supply us with identification with picture .